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Secretly trying to take a picture of someone when the flash on your phone is on


Waving at someone who doesnVOt see you


Trying to get your teachersE attention in primary school by accidentally calling them mommy or daddy


Texting one of your friends about a certain person before sending it to that person by mistake



Going to open a door by pulling it when it clearly says jeFpush1UdT4


Being out in public and tripping over some thing before trying to act casual as if it never happened


Bumping into someone as you leave the toilet with a really bad smell coming out of it.


Entering a lecture hall, sitting down, and taking out all of your stuff before finally looking up to realize youU2re in the wrong class.


Sitting in a quiet study room with your stomach sounding like it1rqs trying to digest a tractor engine.


Creeping on someoneLCvns Wechat moments and accidentally liking a photo from three years ago.



Holding a handrail on a bus or train and touching someone elseLgass hand in the process.


Asking someone to repeat themselves before asking twice more, and when you still havenx9Dt heard what theyn2Nlve said, you just have to reply with B6yesTqE and hope for the best.


Saying something to someone and your voice breaks weirdly like a 13-year-old going through puberty halfway through the sentence.


??Melissa Dahl????????nt7u1E??WAYK0P,?????Cringeworthy: A Theory of Awkwardness?(ki4z????i5:?????k)7xe?


In my apartment ten years later, I know ISFzm far away in space and time from this moment, and yet it still makes me wince. How embarrassing,A I whisper, out loud, to no one.


So many people I interviewed confess to reacting to old embarrassments in the same way. dNUdYou1ture just sitting there, and your brain decides to throw it in your face for no reason,8 one of my interviewees told me. 8opFor me, if ICIx6wRm alone, I just start shouting, GNO! No no no no no no no.RTctWM5dy


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TheysLre the little humiliations from your past that come back unbidden, sometimes years after they first occurred.


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For one, even memories that seem out-of-the-blue may be in fact triggered by something in the environment. Maybe something about the T-shirts I was putting away that day reminded me of the feel of the jersey skirt.


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For another, think about how often your first response to someone whoXTqs witnessed an embarrassing moment of yours is something like CThis isnj1Tt what it looks likeAL9 or tOP8I can explain.iZ4B If you never actually get to make that explanation, the moment likely feels unresolved in your mind, and some researchers believe that interrupted moments stick with us longer than those that feel completed.


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Your emotions dictate what your brain decides to hang on to. The stronger the feeling, the stronger the memory. For instance, being scolded even inadvertently can still lead to long-term feeling of awkwardness. Something excites your brain, which triggers the release of adrenaline, which in turn releases another substance called noradrenalineSW330Z(??????2c), a neurotransmitter that then perks up the amygdalaFc(???zdpTT).


ThatUs a region of the brain which gets excited by emotional arousal. The amygdala then communicates with almost every other region of the brain, and it says, in effect, W8Something important happened. Make a strong memory.q8O







Recognizing your former self for who you truly were, instead of trying to forget or fudge the details. And remind yourself that everyonem6vs embarrassed about something. When we arrive at this kind of self-awareness, then when we fail, itsmPIs not poor me,JKD however, itms uWell, everyone fails.Dzw



self-indifference: the relief of realizing that you are simply not that big a deal



Self-indifference is essentially a synonym for humility. A little humility helps you keep your natural talents and honed skills in proper perspective: The fact that IVH8m able to string coherent sentences together as a professional writer isnttt valuable because of what it says about me. What matters is what I do with that ability.




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